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  • Band sizes 26 - 52
    Cup Sizes to "N"
    Prices to $83.00
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  • Brantly/Cameo
  • Posture Perfect 

  • Support Vest
    No Bra Long Line



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  • Panty Control
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  • Panty Control
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  • Posture Perfect Support Vest


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    Pictures of the Custom Fitted Bras

    A Picture of the Custom Fitted bra, can not be a true representative of a comfortable and correct fit. 
      The success of the FIT
      of the Custom Fitted Bra is in
      How the Bra FITS,
      how it LOOKS 
      in a catalog or 
      on your computer screen. 
    Looks can be very deceptive when it comes to achieving the comfort and support a person is seeking. 
    What YOUR eye sees to be a great fit, 
    YOUR body may find to be most disagreeable. 
    The Best bra style for one customer may not be the best bra style for another.
    • The Brantly/Cameo bras are available in 252 sizes (band sizes 26-52 and cup sizes to "N"). 
    • The Figurette Bras are available in 108 sizes. (Band sizes 28 to 46 and cup sizes to HH)
    Both the Brantly/Cameo and the Figurette Bras are engineered to fit and support a large number of sizes and shapes of customer.

    Each style represents a fit which is unique and personal.

    Schedule a Personal Custom Bra Fitting with a Dealer nearest you. Send an E-Mail to a Fitter near you, or me. Include your name, address and phone number and a description of your situation. I can E-Mail you pictures of the bras, and we can discuss how the Custom Fitted Bras may be able to meet your needs.  

    Common problems

    Common Problems that many, many women experience when they shop for bras. 

    Some women are forced to settle for bras that do not fit properly. The bras are therefor uncomfortable and the bust is not properly supported. 


    Does your bra offer no support?
         Traditional Department store bras and "sports bras" are not designed for the degree of support found in the Custom Fitted Bras by Colesce. 
    The 252 sizes of the Brantly/Cameo and Figurette Bras offer the support necessary as "sports equipment" for women. They offer more band sizes and more cup sizes than you will find in any "Traditional" Department Store.
    Does your bust creep out beneath the bottom of the front band?
         Most likely, the band of your bra is too large and the cup is too small. 
    The Brantly/Cameo and Figurette Bras are available in more band sizes and more cup sizes than you will find in any "Traditional" Department Store.
    Do you have Rolls of flesh under your arm?
        For many people, much of the breast tissue has been forced back under the arm due to wearing the wrong size bra. Excess tissue can be trained to come forward into the cup where it belongs.
    This excess tissue should be supported in the cup, 
    not squashed on your rib cage or forced back under the arm.
    One of my colleagues, in California, used this wonderful expression: 
    "You should feel supported by your bra, not be hanging in it".
    By bringing the displaced tissue forward into the cup, The Patented Support system in the Brantly/Cameo and the Figurette Bras can hold this tissue forward where it belongs.
    Does the band of your bra Ride up in back?
         The band, in the back, should stay below your shoulder blade, so as to 
    maximize comfort and to take advantage of the patented support system of the Custom Fitted Bras by Brantly/Cameo or Figurette. If the bra rides up, it is too big in the band. Your Fitter will help you choose a smaller band size.
    Cant find a bra with a cup small enough?
     The "A" cup in the standard Department store bra is equivelant to the "D" cup in the Brantly/Cameo bra and the "C" cup in the Figurette bra.
    As you can see, each one of these problems can be solved by one of the Custom Fitted bra styles by Brantly/Cameo or Figurette

    Most of my customers hate to shop for bras in department stores. 

    • Department stores don't carry the range of sizes needed to properly fit the larger customer. Or even the smaller customer. It's impossible for the well endowed, tiny person, to find anything in any type of store anywhere.
    • Department stores don't staff knowledgeable employees to offer assistance. And those department stores which do, are limited by the selection of band sizes and cup sizes. 
    • Department Stores, Lingerie Stores and Boutiques cater to the AVERAGE person. Leaving the rest of us out in the cold.
    After failing to find a bra that fits after many years, the so called "hard to fit" customer is convinced that the problem is her body. 

    One of my customers, a very attractive lady, related how she was treated in a very respectable, and established, Lingerie store here in the Cleveland Ohio area. The sales person said that they dont have any cup "THAT" big. And asked her why she didnt get a bust reduction. When I fitted her into one of our bras, she didnt even need one of the "Large Cup" sizes which carry a $10.00 Special service charge.

    In reality, the fault is in the design, fabrication and construction of the "Standard Bra" manufactured by most of the bra factories in the whole world.

     This means that the bras available in the Department Stores are of 

    • lesser quality, and 
    • in fewer sizes 
    than are available in the Brantly/Cameo and Figurette bras. 

    Colesce Representatives are trained to offer the service that a bra cusomer deserves and needs, to find a properly fitting bra in the correct size.

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