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The care and feeding of
your favorite foundation

The instructions here are for ALL “New” intimate wear products and products
containing elastic regardless of manufacturer.
All brand new fabrics contain a protective coating called sizing: 

    This protective coating may cause sensitivity and a rash in some

    individuals. This sizing gives new fabrics stiffness to facilitate

    sewing and the construction of the garments. This stiffness is

    uncomfortable in undergarments. It is recommended that all new

    undergarments, regardless of brand, be laundered prior to wearing.

Never put garments containing elastic in the dryer.
    Hang them to dry in a cool dry place in a manner which will not
    distort the shape of the garment.

    For the Custom Fitted Bras, it means that hanging the cups upside down
    will allow the water to drain naturally away from the patented support
    collar. Some prefer to drape the upside down bra over an inflatable
    wash and wear hanger.

    Elastic garments loose their life and elasticity when dried in
    a dryer. The high heat breaks down the fabric. Of course, when we
    remove the lint trap in the dryer, we see that all fabrics have lost
    lint into the dryer lint trap. Elastic, however, is particularly
    vulnerable to degeneration in the dryer heat.

Washing instructions:
    For most intimate garments - wash before wearing: Soak your new
    garments in a mixture of fabric softener and water for several hours.
    Rinse, then wash, by Hand or in a Washing Machine, thoroughly,
      using a mild Cold Water Wash*,

      not Heavy Duty detergent, and NOT Woolite, it deteriorates Elastic
    Rinse thoroughly, even if you have to use several rinses.

    *You don't need heavy duty laundry detergent to launder your intimate garments.
    Use a cold water wash without enzyme action, (I recommend ALL Free, from the grocery store) or
    one of the products from Beauty By Jeunique, see below. 

Most fabrics are not allergens:
    Laundry detergents are more often the reason for a skin reaction
    to a garment than a sensitivity to a fabric. A person sensitive to
    the enzyme action of laundry detergents will often blame the fabric
    such as lace, or what ever, for the reaction. This skin reaction is
    sometimes referred to as detergent dermatitis not fabric dermatitis.

    Intimate clothing worn close to the skin is of particular concern.
    Detergent residue collects in the seams and on the fabric. This
    residue dissolves in the perspiration and begins “eating protein”,
    since after all, that is what the enzyme action of the detergent is
    designed to do. Detergent manufacturers spent years to perfect this
    enzymeaction to efficiently clean heavily soiled clothing.
    You DO NOT need heavy duty laundry detergent for intimate apparel.

Gentle Care means Longer Wear!

Never wear the same bra two days in a row.
    No two bras are identical even if the same size and style.
  • Wear pressure points will be different for each bra.

  • Washing stops the break down of the fabric from the chemical
    reaction of perspiration, perfumes, and deodorants.

  • Your bra will last longer and retain its beauty if washed
    after every wearing to remove body oils and prevent soiled
    areas from becoming permanent and shortening the life of
    the bra

  • Allowing each bra to rest a day before wearing again, will give
    the elastic the opportunity to return to its original shape.
    This will extend the life of your bra.

Wash by Hand or in the Washer - Do NOT dry in the Dryer
    Wash with good lingerie soap, but NEVER, put the bra in the dryer.

    If using an automatic washer,
    Roll each bra such that the hooks are INSIDE the roll.
    Place rolled bras into a laundry bag. NOT a NET Laundry bag.
    Use a closed fabric bag or pillow case.

    Hang all intimate garments to dry. Hang the Custom Fitted bras
    upside down. This will drain the water away from the support collar.
    Shape the band & shelf, and Finger Press the seams while the bra is still wet.
    This will maintain the shape and assure long life to your bras.

    Allow the Custom Fitted bras to dry thoroughly
    so all the inner fabrics are free from moisture.

By observing these simple rules, you will keep your Custom Fitted
Bras, fitting just the way you want them to fit.

Ironing is NOT recommended.

Developed to meet consumer request for a delicate
and effective product that will not harm fine fabrics.
It is a liquid washing solution for our custom fitted
bras and body fashions and is safe for baby clothes
and people sensitive to detergents and soaps. An
easy-to-use fabric wash that is safe enough for
nylons, bras, lingerie and delicate fabrics, yet strong
enough to remove stains and odors and not pollute
water or harm the environment.

#5180 16 fl. oz.

Delicat is concentrated and economical to use.
Only 2 capfuls is enough for a sink full of cool water;
simply soak for 3 minutes and rinse. Roll hand washables
 in a towel to remove excess water.


A natural, organic, pH balanced, hypo-allergenic creme that encourages firming and toning, thus improving the appearance of the breast tissue. Especially formulatied to moisturize sensitive breast tissue and improve skin texture while also encouraging daily breast examinations.

#B250 3.3 oz. (100 ml)

Apply after bathing, preferably in the morning, on the breasts, neck, and upper shoulders in an upward motion with the head up straight and slightly backward.


Eco-Clean is an organic concentrate, developed to help protect your family from poisonous sprays that coat fruits and vegetables. After using this product to wash your fruits and vegetables, the water may be used for your plants as it contains natural ingredients. Anything safe in water is safe in Eco-Clean.  Eco-Clean is a safe product for ALL of your fine lingerie items.

#4835, 16 oz.
#4836, 33.5 oz.
#4837, 1 Gallon
#4838, 5 Gallons

Fill your sink with water and add 1 tablespoon of Eco-Clean per gallon of water. Put your fruits and vegetables and let them soak for approximately 5 minutes. Then rise thoroughly and let dry. You will find that your fruits and vegetables "squeak", which tells you that they are clean.

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