Ah!Bras! Mabel
                  Presents-246 Sizes Bras by Le Unique, Cameo, Figurette
                  and Jeunique!

Mabel Presents -
A New You!

By Chickie Downs Edited by Mabel E. Kopp

Congratulations on your decision to give yourself more comfort, beauty and support in your new Custom Fitted Bra by Le Unique, Brantly/Cameo, Jeunique or Figurette.

This bra is entirely different than any bra you picked out at the store! Typically, you had no help, had to guess at the size, and were lucky to find a clerk to take your money.

Your department store bra was worn:

    Up in the back and, Your breasts were dumped in front,

    You were hung from the straps and all the breast weight was on your shoulders.

    Could it get any worse?

The Custom Fitted Bras are worn:

    Up in the Front and Low in the Back

    Your breasts are perked up where they belong -

    Surprise! The darts in your clothes are now in the right place

Your bust is now supported by the band and the support collar. Taking much of the weight off your shoulders.

The lace Custom Fitted bras will appear to be very pointy at first. 

    With successive wearing and washings, the lace cup will soften and conform to your natural shape.

Adjusting to your NEW Custom Fitted bras:

    Your new lace Custom Fitted Bra is going to take an adjustment period before it becomes really comfortable. Much like breaking in a new pair of shoes. Your subconscious mind remembers your bra in the old position. It may take about three to four weeks to adjust to the new feeling. It will take a while to adjust to wearing the new bra down in the back and up in the front. It is worth the concentration and the effort.

    Your reward is that within a few months, you will note a real change taking place in your breasts. They will begin to firm, look and feel different, and you will be pleased with the results. Be sure to do the exercises recommended, nothing will happen if you don't.

Wear your NEW Custom Fitted Lace bras everyday:

    Be sure to wear your new bras everyday. Throw away all of your old bras. Don't change back to your old bra unless you want the old things to happen to the “new you”.

If you wish to wear a “pretty” or “elegant” bra for a special occasion,
try the Satin Knit, available in Ivory, Beige and Black. The Satin Knit bras are NOT available in the largest band and cup sizes.

The Satin Knit Bras are not as supportive as the lace bras, but they do offer more support than is found in the average department store bras, but you won't achieve the same level of support found in the Lace Bras. The Satin Knit bras also won't achieve the same re-shaping effect as the lace bras.

Be sure to follow the Instructions in the “Training Manual” carefully.

Choose the instructions according to the effect you are trying to achieve.


Training For your New Bust and your new Bra!

The Custom Fitted Lace Bras

Choose the effect you are trying to achieve:

    “Ultimate Support”
    “Training” your Breast Tissue forward!

About The Breast

    The Breast is one of woman’s distinctive feminine features, deserving of ultimate care and comfort. In valuing herself, her body, her health, each woman needs to give herself a monthly breast self - examination, checking for lumps and/or soreness.

    To maximize comfort and well being, she should make sure she is wearing a bra that is giving proper support and comfort to her breasts, shoulders, and back through all stages of her life.

The Custom Fitted “Support” Bras
Lace Style bras provide:

    · Important comfort in 354 sizes

    · Support without underwires for the Athletic, Active Women needing optimum support.

    · Greater number of sizes and shapes than any department store bra.

    · Special Features for Pregnant women and nursing mothers.

    · A bra to contain the breast form for the woman who experienced breast surgery.

    · Using the Custom Fitted Lace Bras as an After Surgery Bra with a Prosthesis, as best as possible:

    · Restores balance for the shoulders and spine

    · Provides confidence and fit to each wearer; the result of the proper positioning and support of the prosthesis.

Does Your Bra Offer These Very Important Features?

    · Maximum comfort and support

    · No pressure against the breast to flatten the breast tissue or restrict circulation

    · All your breast tissue held within the cup, not under your arm

    · Shoulder straps that stay in place

    · Support from beneath the breast, not from the shoulder

    · No wires, stays or bones to gouge or bruise the breast tissue or to interfere with the natural drainage of ducts and lymph glands.

    · Bra worn Low in Back and High in front, offering better support and improving posture. Perking up the bust to the normal position. Instead of being “Dumped in Front” with a matronly profile.

How to Enhance your Bust line

The Problem:

    The breast is a woman’s most distinctive feminine feature and adds to her beauty and sex appeal. Yet many women do not properly care for their breast or make the most of their finest feature. They wear ill-fitting bras that give little or no support and distort the breast tissue, often impeding circulation and even dividing the tissue on one breast into separate glandular masses.
    If a woman values her beauty and health, she will give herself a monthly breast self-examination, checking for lumps and/or soreness.

    She will also make sure she is wearing a bra that is custom fit to give her proper support.

    If she includes proper nutrition and exercise, she will have a total program to enhance her health and natural beauty.

    The breast is composed of adipose tissue (fat), glandular epithelium, ducts, blood vessels, lymph glands, a stroma of supporting collagenous fibers, and the covering skin. This is all superimposed upon the normal musculature of the chest wall. Exercise will tone-up and even increase the size of the muscles, but not the bust.

    The breast is on top of these muscles and is probably as soft and pliable as any tissue in the entire human body. An ill-fitting bra displaces this tissue, pushing it under the arm, flattening it farther around the chest wall, or allowing the figure to become drooping and pendulous.

    Normally, the breast is subjected to bumps or bruises because of its unprotected positon at the front of the body and in the way of the movement of the arms. Without proper support, the breast is subjected to movement and stretching from the pull of gravity with every step. The breast is also subject to changes due to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and lactation. To add an ill-fitting bra to this scenario only adds to the problem.

Why Wear A Custom Fitted Bra?

Breast size and general shape varies greatly between individuals, depending upon such factors as heredity, diet and age. The Custom Fitted Bras are available in several different styles. One or more may be right for YOU! One Style may be more appropriate than another, for each general shape, body type and special need.

The small-busted person

    usually does not make the most of what they have. When the small busted person wears a padded bra or even a breast form as some do, it flattens and spreads the existing breast tissue over the chest wall. This can cause glandular tissue to be cut off from the main breast tissue mass inside bra, and can impede circulation through the tissue.

    Often when glandular tissue is cut off from the main tissue mass inside the bra, this separation of a breast can cause mastitis or other health problems during pregnancy and lactation.

    A padded bra will encourage the breast tissue to move back under the arm and up the chest instead of forward where it belongs. When wearing a padded bra, there is little or no support for the breast tissue.

    When all the breast tissue is repositioned inside the cup of a properly fitted bra, the small-busted figure will usually have a fuller figure with proper support than with the former false front, and all with real personal tissue. The enhancing process uses exercises, and the gentle encouraging of the breast tissue into the cup, several times a day, and the loyal wearing of the Custom Fitted bras. This massage and encouraging the bust into the cup several times a day, is most effective when practiced by the person committed to enhancing the bust line.

    This process takes commitment and determination for it to be a success.

The person with an adequate amount

    of breast tissue should desire to maintain a firm, youthful bust line. Yet most people buy bras that do not adequately support and protect their breasts. The bras chosen actually are a source of irritation to the breast. In time, these improper fitting bras can cause a variety of problems. A pendulous matronly look can be attributed to a lack of adequate support from improperly fitted bras.

    The breast tissue moves with each step. While playing sports, the collagenous fibers supporting the tissues in the breast are stretched or broken from the continued bounce. The average "Sports Bra" consists of elastic, which allows bounce. That is what elastic does, bounce! Some have even observed stretch marks develop as the result of bounce without proper support.

    The wearing of "Sports Bras" can cause the Breast tissue to move to places other than where the bust is intended. The tissue is displaced under the arms, down into the midriff, around the rib cage, and for some even, into a pendulous bustline.

    When worn throughout the years, a properly fitting bra of proper support, will prevent this, and will maintain that youthful figure which every person desires.

The Person who is amply endowed

    has a significant fitting problem. Finding a bra that really fits and supports the weight of the breasts is only possible in a custom-fitted bra such as that offered by Colesce representatives. Bras purchased “off the rack” provide minimal support in the form of suspension from a sliding shoulder strap. The pressure created by this suspension causes deep, painful grooves in the shoulders.

    Large, unsupported breasts become massive and pendulous from their own weight and can result in posture problems. The person with inadequate support has no waistline or midriff separation, just a bust line from the neck down.

    The Custom Fitted Bras can really help the person suffering from lack of self esteem and low self image.

    The Custom Fitted Bras offer unmatched support. They offer relief from shoulder pressure.

    PLUS the Custom Fitted Bra wearer discovers a separate waistline and bust line, giving the appearance of being pounds lighter and more youthful.

What Does A Good Custom Fitted Bra Have to Offer?

    1. All the breast tissue is enveloped by the support triangle and the cup.

    2. Support comes from beneath the breast, rather than from shoulder straps.

    3. There is no pressure from padding, underwires or such, to flatten the breast tissue or restrict circulation of ducts or the lymph system.

    4. The support is firm enough to restrict the movement of the breast during periods of high or normal activity.

    5. There are no wires or stays to gouge or bruise the tissue. The bra is constructed entirely of soft fabric, tailored to each person's own unique size and shape.

    6. The bra supports and holds the breast forward and high enough so that the apex of the breast is midway between the shoulder and the elbow.

    7. The best custom-fitted bra available has an inner support triangle in each cup positioning and supporting each breast.

Enhancing the smaller bust

    The basic philosophy of the Custom Fitted bras is that breast tissue is gently walked forward through the support triangle, and back into the cup several times a day, in the beginning. The construction and design of the Custom Fitted bras is such that the tissue is held in place with the patented support "shelf" system.

    By wearing the Custom Fitted bra and encouraging the tissue forward (instead of back), and participating in the exercise program, the smaller bust line can be made larger in a few months. Best results are obtained if the program continues to be followed.

    The exercises for repositioning will help the enhancement process only if done consistently. The most successful wearers of the Custom Fitted Bras are those dedicated to doing what has to be done to achieve the desired result.

Reshaping the Bust

Putting the tissue back into the cup!
    If you are using the Reshaping feature of the Custom Fitted bras, to get rid of bulges in unwanted places, remember: Your breast didn’t get where they are overnight. They will not become beautiful overnight!

    Those individuals with “love handles” in unwanted places, can, with dedication and persistence, reform the breast tissue so as to contain it into the cup.

    Those with Ski Slopes for busts, can, with the same dedication to the program, reform the breast tissue to fill the cup, by encouraging surrounding tissue to come forward into the “Ski Slope” area.

    The use of the following exercises in conjunction with wearing the Custom Fitted Bras, may help you move breast tissue back into the breast area from other areas such as under the arm or the rib cage and the abdomen.

    To get the tissue (that fat pad) in the upper arm area, back into the breast where it belongs, Lie flat on your back with your bra off, reach up into the arm pit, as high as you can. Using the whole side of your thumbs and the palms of your hands, press gently but firmly, massage all the way to your apexes (nipples). Do this 7 times for 7 days (or nights). You should feel the tissue moving, if you are doing it right. You may also experience some soreness in the area. The eighth day do it 8 times, the 9 day do it 10 times, until you have worked up to 20 times a day/night. You will continue at 20 times a day/night until that tissue has moved back into the upper part of your breast, giving you a rounded look on top instead of a ski slope look. At that time you should no longer have that excess tissue in the upper arm areas.

    If you are planning to move the tissue into the cup, you should select a cup size large enough to accomodate the “new you”. You have to make room for the filling, so expect that your fitter may suggest you take home a cup a little too big. Your fitter may also suggest you take a tuck in the cup under the bust to minimize the appearance of extra lace.

The care and feeding of
your favorite foundation

The instructions here are for all “New” intimate wear products and products containing elastic regardless of manufacturer.

All brand new fabrics contain a protective coating called sizing:

    This protective coating may cause sensitivity and a rash in some individuals. This sizing gives new fabrics stiffness to facilitate sewing and the construction of the garments. This stiffness is uncomfortable in undergarments. It is recommended that all new undergarments, regardless of brand, be laundered prior to wearing.
Never put garments containing elastic in the dryer.
    Hang them to dry in a cool dry place in a manner which will not distort the shape of the garment.

    For the Custom Fitted Bras, it means that hanging the cups upside down will allow the water to drain naturally away from the patented support collar. Some prefer to drape the upside down bra over an inflatable wash and wear hanger.

    Elastic garments loose their life and elasticity when dried in a dryer. The high heat breaks down the fabric. Of course, when we remove the lint trap in the dryer, we see that all fabrics have lost lint into the dryer lint trap. Elastic, however, is particularly vulnerable to degeneration in the dryer heat.

Washing instructions:
    for most intimate garments - wash before wearing: Soak your new garments in a mixture of fabric softener and water for several hours. Rinse, then wash thoroughly using a mild lingerie soap, not detergent, in a washing machine. Rinse thoroughly, even if you have to use several rinses. You don't need heavy duty laundry detergent to launder your intimate garments.
Most fabrics are not allergens:
    Laundry detergents are more often the reason for a skin reaction to a garment than a sensitivity to a fabric. A person sensitive to the enzyme action of laundry detergents, will often blame the fabric such as lace, or what ever, for the reaction. This skin reaction is sometimes referred to as detergent dermatitis not fabric dermatitis.

    Intimate clothing worn close to the skin is of particular concern. Detergent residue collects in the seams and on the fabric. This residue dissolves in the perspiration and begins “eating protein”, since after all, that is what the enzyme action of the detergent is designed to do. Detergent manufacturers spent years to perfect this enzymeaction to efficiently clean heavily soiled clothing. You don't need heavy duty laundry detergent to launder intimate apparel.

Gentle Care means Longer Wear!

Never wear the same bra two days in a row.
    No two bras are identical even if the same size and style. Wear pressure points will be different for each bra. Plus washing stops the break down of the fabric from the chemical reaction of perspiration, perfumes, and deodorants.

    Your bra will last longer and retain its beauty if washed after every wearing to remove body oils and prevent soiled areas from becoming permanent and shortening the life of the bra.

    You will feal better wearing a different bra each day.

Wash by Hand or Wash in the Washer - Do NOT dry in the Dryer
    with good lingerie soap, but NEVER, put the bra in the dryer. Hang all intimate garments to dry. Hang the Custom Fitted Bra upside down. This will drain the water away from the support collar. Shape the cups and Finger Press the seams while the bra is still wet. This will maintain the shape and assure long life to your bras.

    Allow the Custom Fittted Bras to dry thoroughly so all the inner fabrics are free from moisture.

By observing these simple rules, you will keep your Custom Fitted Bras, fitting just the way you want them to fit.

Ironing is NOT recommended.

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Mabel E. Kopp