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[Ah!Bras! - Mabel Presents - Custom Fitted Bras by Cameo, Jeunique & Figurette]
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Ah!Bras! Mabel Presents -
Over 300 Sizes available: From 26B to 52HH Cameo

The Bra that fits... Larger Ladies, Enhances... the smaller ladies, Supports the fallen; the Custom Fitted Bra by Cameo, Jeunique, Figurette, Sculptress and PennyRich

Custom Fitted Bras by Cameo® Jeunique®, Figurette®, Sculptress®, and PennyRich®

In the past, individual attention and custom-fitting of brassieres was available only to the wealthy patrons of couture salons...
NOW, Colesce® Consultants
bring to Your Home the famous Cameo® Suspension Brassiere.

Every woman is unique and so is her figure. As a woman, you are an individual; and you are formed unlike any other woman. Only individual attention by a trained Jeunique® Consultant can find just the right combination of cup size and other brassiere measurements to fit you with the total comfort and support you need and deserve.

There is no other bra that can give you the self-confidence, poise and comfort like a custom-fitted Bra.

The custom fitted bra supports with a patented support from beneath and contains no wires, boning, padding, or stretch straps and yet it is designed to:

  1. SUPPORT THE FULL FIGURE: With our camberband, there is no strap strain because the strap does not support the bust alone, the camberband does. The Custom Fitted Bra lifts, separates, and shapes the large bust. It proportions the full figure so that it appears smaller. It's so comfortable, you will scarcely know you are wearing it.
  2. HELP FOR THE MASTECTOMY PATIENT. In the event of breast surgery, you can look and feel good again with a Custom Fitted Bra. You can engage in sports, even swimming, with the greatest confidence. It will not ride up, cut into your shoulders, pinch or bind. The Custom Fitted Bra, helps restore a natural appearance for the mastectomy patient.

What Features Should a Good Custom-Fitted Type Bra Have?

  1. All the breast tissue should be encompassed within the support triangle and cup.
  2. Support should be from beneath the breast, rather than hung from the shoulder straps.
  3. There should be no pressure to flatten the breast tissue or restrict circulation.
  4. Support should be firm enough to eliminate almost all breast motion (bouncing) during walking or exercise.
  5. There should be no wires or stays to gouge or bruise the breast tissue. The bra should be constructed of soft fabric, tailored to each woman's particular size and proper shape.
  6. The bra should support and hold the breast forward and high enough so that the apex of the breast is midway between the shoulder and the elbow.
  7. The best custom-fitted bras available have an inner support triangle that position and support the breast.
Every woman, from puberty on throughout life, should wear our properly fitted, Cameo® custom-fitted bras. This would help her not only to look and feel her best, but to enjoy better health through this vital step in proper breast care.

Here's How The Custom Fitted Bra® is Fitted to Correct Problems:

In order to accurately determine your true bra size

To fit you correctly, a Colesce Consultant will fit you in private.
  1. She will put you into the bra like any other bra, but then she'll center it and lift the "V" of the bra up to your breastbone. By doing this, you will gain complete cup coverage.
  2. With the cups unhooked she will adjust the breast support camberband of the bra so its bottom band lies flat against the body under the breast.
  3. She will place her fingers under the breast and gently bring the tissue up over the top of the camberband holding the bottom of the camberband in place with the other hand. She will do this to pull the tissue up from the midriff for maximum enlargement.
  4. With one hand holding the camberband where it joins the bra straps, she will take her other hand and gently bring underarm tissue forward into the triangle.
  5. She will then raise the cups up over the breasts and hook the loops to the hooks on the shoulder strap buckles. Next, you will lean forward, and with one hand grasping the bra in the center and pressing it against the chest, you will shake from side to side to settle the breast firmly in place.
  6. She can show you how a larger breast may be minimized by floating the weight of the breast back onto the camberband and making the breast appear smaller.

The Custom Fitted® Bra

Sizes Available

Your Colesce Consultant can advise you as to which bras (styles & colors) are available in your size:

This chart demonstrates the vast number (246) of sizes available (including prices):
Over 300 Sizes available: from 26B to 52 HH.

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We believe in cruelty free products.  We do not test our ingredients or finished products on animals, nor do we send them out for animal test.

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