Discover how you can succeed by representing products that 
  • enhance a woman's beauty and 
  • add to the richness of her life!
We have everything you need to start your own business and we have 

many choices for you to represent the products that interest you the most.

We offer product lines that would further enhance your business as they are 
all products women need and want.

There is no limitation on how big your business can be. The most important thing to do is 

  • get trained, 
  • use the products yourself and 
  • talk to everyone and share your excitement.




Print Distributor Agreement

We have everything you need to acquaint you with the company and training

materials to help you launch your business career now that you have made the
decision to become an independent Distributor with Jeunique International, Inc.
and it's divisions.

You will become a Distributor and receive a Registration Kit which
includes a Success Manual and the following materials:
Company Background
Product Brochure & Catalogs 
Ordering Information Methods of Selling
Sponsoring Literature Complete Training Manual

Plus... Inspiration and Motivation!
Your Registration Kit comes packed in a lovely silver carry/shoulder strap literature bag. You will refer to this Success Manual many times as it will help you tremendously in building your business. 

The price of this Computer Registration Kit is only $40.00 with an approximate
value of more than $80.00. This Registration will entitle you to mailings for a year
and all the benefits of the Profit Recognition Plan when you achieve them! 

Waive the initial $40.00 Registration fee by purchasing a Demo Kit.

Thereafter, there is a $25.00 Annual Renewal Fee to continue to receive all the
benefits and mailings.

To get started right away you will want to select a Demo Kit. 

If you purchase your Demo Kit as soon as you register to become a Distributor, you would receive your Registration Kit free, therefore saving $40.00.

 Summary of the Package:
- A new Associate can purchase 20‐30 bras in any one particular style at 
the discounted price of 50% suggested retail.
- A new Associate can purchase up to two of these packages (i.e. 25 bras
in 300 style and 25 bras in J31 style)
- Full Bonus Volume1
is awarded with the purchase.
- No Order Rewards or Incentive Order Program is provided with the
- The company reserves the right to alter, change or remove the program
at any time
When you sign up as a Jeunique Consultant, you can reap the benefits of the Home Party program even if you do not intend to do Home Parties. The $25.00 Annual Renewal Fee allows you to continue to receive all the benefits and mailings.
  • Jeunique ships directly to your Hostess, so you don't have to deliver.
  • Jeunique processes the credit cards and pays the credit card fee.
  • Jeunique collects and files all State Sales taxes.
                    (Taxes are charged according to where the product is being shipped.).
  • Jeunique Pays for ALL Hostess Awards.

All Jeunique Consultants can
  • purchase products for their own personal use,
  • purchase products to re-sell
  • purchase products to supply to their family and friends
  • Take advantage of customer specials

  • Any or all* of the products are available for their own personal use,
       * any or ALL of the products available in the entire Jeunique product line