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Thank you for expressing an interest in a Career Opportunity with Colesce Couture, a division of Jeunique International, Inc.

Go to the following web page for opportunity information:

Your Career with Colesce Home Parties
Your potential for you to own your own exciting and rewarding business.

Once you have earned “Rising Star”, and have completed training in the division of your choice, you may request to be included in the Ahbras Internet Online Directory.

Dealers may request to be included in the Participating Dealer Directory for $69.00 a year. Dealers in the MKopp downline are included FREE!

Contact me with questions or for additional information on how you can take advantage of this exciting and rewarding opportunity.

Colesce Couture Intenational is a subsidiary of Jeunique International. Jeunique is a member of the Direct Selling Association which works towards the highest standards in the industry. Jeunique offers a personal business opportunity to people around the world, selling Lady Cameo, Cameo Custom Fitted Bras, Figurette Custom Fitted Bras, Posture Perfect Long Line Vest, Big Bras, Really Big Bras, foundations, As well as Finelle, RejeuvaMetics, and Beauty For All Seasons, Skincare and Colour Lines. The Custom Fitted Bra Fitters make the Custom Fitted Bras available at Bra Classes or private fittings in the privacy of your own home. Other home parties available are Finelle, RejeuvaMetics, Beauty For All Seasons, Skincare and Colour Lines. Colesce Couture International, Inc. A division of Jeunique International, offera a great Career Opportunity for anyone interested in the health and welfare of today's woman. The Lady Cameo bras are the creations of Mr. O. Brantly and the Frederick brothers of Dallas Texas.

The total product line available to Colesce distributors, and their customers, include: sports bras, Junior Bras, foundations, activewear, Nutriceuticals, Lady Cameo, Figurette, Jeunique, PennyRich, and Sculptress custom fitted bras, Finelle, RejeuvaMetics, Beauty For All Seasons, Skincare and Colour Lines gives meaning to the phrase: "Together, We Have It All!"

Contact Information

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Mabel E. Kopp, IED
8260 StoneyBrook Drive 
Chagrin Falls OH 44023-4849


To be properly fitted for a Custom Fitted bra by Brantly/Cameo or Figurette, requires personal attention. Contact a dealer nearest you. Or call Mabel.

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