Passion For the Product and 
Commitment to your clients

is Your Key to Success in the Custom Fitted Bra Business!

When people ask me: "why do you Love making the Custom Fitted Bras available to people around the world?", This is an easy question for me to answer.

I love "the bra". I love my clients. I love sharing the information to my colleagues in the business. I do this to make sure that our clients are given the best of all assistance when they need it from every Custom Bra Fitter. My job is to help you with information to assist your business. My job is not to sell you on "the bra". You must be sold on the custom fitted bras for your own reasons. By helping you I will always make money in some way or another, I am not worried about that. If I give you great information about the custom fitted bras, that no-one else will, will you not believe in me? If I am honest and ethical and hold nothing back, just give you exactly what is working for me, give you examples of how the Custom Fitted bras and the Custom Fitted Bra business works and what doesn't work´┐Ż will you not trust in me when I recommend something?

You can do the same with your clients no matter where you live.

Read all my Internet Custom Fitted Bra fitting information, and even the FAQ's, I really don't try to SELL anyone. I share the information, they decide if the bra is for them. I get excited about the product because I have worn it since 1987. I am not trying to sell anyone the Custom Fitted Bras, The Custom Fitted Bras Sell themselves. I am excited about helping you and anyone with a passion for the Custom Fitted bras, to share this passion with the world. I will only recommend what has been successful for me, I am never in it for just the money, I truly want to help people because it makes me feel great when they get on the phone and say "Mabel, Thank you so much, you are the "Greatest" or, "I have been wearing the Custom Fitted bra and feel better than I have felt in my whole life" . People with this kind of passion cannot be bought, that is my true love in life, getting Kudos from people, clients and distributors alike whom I have helped.

What I am trying to say here is, I practice what I preach - I love this bra, I share this love with my clients and my colleagues. It is a matter of "being honest and ethical" and "loving what you do".

If you are in the Custom Fitted Bra business, just to make money, you can and will, but to really succeed with your Custom fitted Bra business, you have to:

  1. have passion for and believe in your product
  2. only sell or recommend the products/services you tried and/or use yourself
  3. treat your clients like gold
  4. be honest and ethical no matter what your competitors are doing
  5. be willing to commit your resources into fulfilling the needs of your clients and your team.
If you just pick a product and try to sell it to make a buck, quit now, the odds are against you. Unless you have found that this is the product/service that you love, feel proud to represent, and most importantly, something you get excited about, more than half your battle is done. All that enthusiasm and everything you do will shine through, and you will be a born salesman without even trying!

Don't take that lightly - read it again.. it is truly one of the most important first steps you can make to being successful. Without this love and enthusiasm it is hard to sell someone else on a product you don't even believe in it yourself, right?

If you feel that you have the passion for, and the commitment to the product, and the loyalty to your clients and are able to "Work Your Bra Business" like a "Real Business", then send me an E-Mail indicating your interest. We can work together to help you outline your personal goals, Marketing Strategy, and Business goals to set up a Plan whereby you can make your dream a reality.

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