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Special Offers From Dell Home Systems Special Offers From Dell Home Systems
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We join with everyone in our Nation who has been saddened by the World Trade Center and Pentagon Disasters.  We honor our hero firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical services providers who were killed answering the call.  We remember all those who died in these tragic events and offer our sympathies to all those they leave behind. 
Let us all strive, in whatever ways we can, to make this a better world.
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85% of Women Are Wearing the Wrong Bra
Are You?

The Solution ...
The Patented Support System of the Custom Fitted Bras.


Cameo #707 White Lace - Sizes 26B - 52HH   Cameo #708 Nude Lace - Sizes 26DD, 28C - 48II    Cameo #101 Black Lace - Sizes 26FF - 42II, 44G   Cameo #300 Ivory Satin Knit - Sizes 28CC/D - 42II/I  Cameo #301 Black Satin Knit -  Sizes 28CC/D - 42II/I    Cameo #327 Nude Smoothie - Sizes 26D/DD - 42F/FF 


Figurette #228 Nude Lace - Sizes 28-42HH  Figurette #226 White Lace - Sizes 28-46HH 


Jeunique White Lace 28B - 46JJ 

The Custom Fitted bra is different from any bra you've ever worn before.

The Custom Fitted Bra supports from beneath the breast...
        and is not just suspended from shoulders.  

The secret of the support of the Custom Fitted Bras, is in the exclusive support collar.
This Support Collar gives support from beneath the bust.
This support collar is referred to as:
This "Support Collar" is a shelf type support, designed to encourage delicate bust tissue up and forward into the cup area, supporting and directing the bust tissue as nature intended. The "Support Collar" positions the bust tissue to properly allow circulation to take place. 

The Custom Fitted Bra gives us the
two things you should always look for in a Bra.

Direction and Support

This diagram clearly shows what can happen without support.
Gravity stretches the delicate breast tissue, with resulting loss of prominence and firmness.

Without Proper Support
Experience the Loss of Prominence and firmness.

gravity stretches breast tissue

Gravity Stretches the
"natural" brassiere. 

Reasons You Need a Bra that Works with Your Body!!! 

Lady Cameo - Figurette - Jeunique - Pennyrich - Sculptress
Find the right Bra For All Figure Types

Personalized Service
All Colesce and Jeunique, Custom Fitted Bra Representatives have undergone extensive training and are uniquely qualified to find the perfect fit for you. Our distributors are certified to fit women of all proportions, with band sizes ranging from 26 to 52 and cup sizes to "N". This personal consultation, measurement and fitting, coupled with the unique design of the custom fitted bras, the Fashion Figure Control garments, and the Posture Perfect Support Vest, make our foundation product line unique and special.

Twice a Year, Every Third Bra
purchased at one time is 50% off the third bra of equal or lesser value.*
*This special is Distributor and Time Dependent and is Not available in Canada.

The Famous Custom Fitted Bras - Figurette, Lady Cameo (Brantly), Jeunique, Sculptress, and PennyRich Bras
Measuring Instructions
Fitting Instructions

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We believe in cruelty free products.  We do not test our ingredients or finished products on animals, nor do we send them out for animal test.

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