A Modern-Day Moisture Miracle

A. Creme Bio-Intensive - A modern-day Moisture Miracle formulated with Biocell, a unique ingredient to stimulate cell activity and increase oxygen consumption in underactive, maturing skin. Strengthened by a liposome delivery system that transports a vitamin-rich, anti-aging complex to precise areas of need. Now, just one fabulous hydrating cream that drenches dry, maturing skin with moisture, day and night.
Creme Bio-Intensive 2.4oz. (69g) #F129

Jeunique Finelle Extended Skin Care

B. Biotech 21 For The Eyes - For essential daily care of your most delicate skin. Support and restore the fragile skin of the eye area with extra moisture, protection and tissue-regenerating benefits. Contains sunscreen.
Biotech 21 For the Eyes  .49oz. (14g) #F116
C. RevitalEYES - Your eyes will look and feel revitalized with just a drop of cool, comforting relief. See under-eye  shadows softened by tiny "light reflectors." Notice a firming, tightening effect that smoothes tiny lines, sags and wrinkles
RevitalEYES  .5oz. (14g) #F134

D. InstaLIFT - Dramatically minimizes the effect of gravity by lifting and firming mature, sagging skin. Use this concentrated serum as a spot treatment, or all over the face and throat. Revitalizes elasticity with regular use.
InstaLIFT 1fl.oz. (29.6ml) #F137

Finelle's Alpha Renewal

You'll see younger-looking skin in days.

Finelle's Alpha Renewal products will totally transform your skin. Each is fortified with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) - the most effective age-combating ingredients available today without a prescription.

E. Alpha Renewal - This powerful corrective lotion glides on to penetrate the layers of your skin, transforming it to the soft, supple, translucent skin you never thought you'd see again.
Alpha Renewal 1 fl.oz. (30ml) #F118

F. Alpha Renewal Body Treatment - Enhanced with higher concentrations of AHAs this powerful body treatment goes to work on the tougher, generally thicker skin of the body. It improves softness, lightens sun-damage and retexturizes severely dry, rough skin.   Use it on your body for the same reasons you use Alpha Renewal  on your face.
Alpha Renewal Body Treatment 4fl.oz.  #F117

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