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Mabel Picks - And Pans

The best source for, reasonably unbiased, News is the Internet and the Newspapers. Get the news FIRST on the Internet. If you don't have access to either, you will have to take advantage of what the air waves have to offer:

The BBC - Straight News without opinions clouding the facts!

PBS - In my opinion, For Real Stuff! Education, and Real Information!

NPR - For more Real News and Information than you can find anywhere! 
The Number one Network for the Best Coverage and Presentation, without unnecessary, pretentious, hype, of ALL the News is - National Public Radio!

In My Opinion "The Number One" Radio Talk show host was: Ray Suarez
Ray Suarez hosts National Public Radio's (NPR) nationwide call-in news program Talk of the Nation. "(This)... ground breaking talk program won the prestigious 1993/94 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Silver Baton Award..."

Note: Ray Suarez has moved on to PBS. I will miss his presence on NPR very much. I do wish him much success in his new position.

I really miss his sharp questions and responses, and his cool head under pressure.

Unlike many people in this position, Ray has always been polite and nonjudgemental to his guests. He would allow his guests continue their comments, even when their comments ran contrary to common sense and morality. Ray was always astute enough to ask sincerely penetrating questions to help a contrarian rethink an often baseless and reflexive statement.

I believe that Ray Suarez is the best, and most talented of all talk show program hosts.

CNBC News The first choice For Real Business News. In My Opinion CNBC is "Number One" For Business Information!

MSNBC - - The Real unbiased National and International News -
In My Opinion "The Number One" Most Responsible News person on the Major TV Networks" is Brian Williams. Brian brings, to the American Public, the best unbiased presentation of Real News and Information on Television! (albeit he reports on a small subset of the news)

CNN - The most responsible Talk Show Host on Television - Larry King

Internet Wire - A press release distribution company that caters to just about every news agency you can think of, including High Technology news such as e-Commerce News, Business news, Financial news, and up to the minute Gaming news. If it has happened, you will hear about it here first!

For up to the minute Technical Announcements,
Internet Wire - your first viewing of the day, every day!

Mabel's Pans:

FoxNews -

In My Opinion, some of the FOX NEWS broadcasts,
Consist of "Inflammatory Rhetoric" disguised as "News" analysis,

and Political Activists pretending to be Journalists.

Not really Information but Inflammation!
FoxNews is not entirely without merit... and is not the most offensive of all offending in the media (but close).

The "Dog and Pony Show": Vilify the guest; edify the host.
Along with this mistreatment and lack of respect for guests, is vicious rhetoric, accompanied by tones of hatred and violence.

Instead of information, excitement and confrontation, is inherent in many of the FoxNews programs.

It is my opinion, that this type of irresponsible behavior, is a contributing factor in the general moral decay and lack of respect, for our fellow man by many, our young people in particular. FoxNews is not the "The most offensive" of all broadcasters of such presentations of vicious rhetoric, and both covert and overt suggestions of violence.

The biggest offender is so bad, that I will not legitimize his portly existence or his distorted "truths" used to support his violent rhetoric, with even the mention of his name or network affiliation.     An Update - Well, that was then, this is now. - Here goes -

Rush Limbaugh is the greatest offender. He fills the vacuum left by GWB, as he panders to those who:
  • Hate transparency
  • Prefer to dictate instead of compromise, negotiate and cooperate.
  • Rush Limbaugh vomits violent, emotional, and irresponsible rhetoric.
    Rush Limbaugh is, perhaps, the single most effective inflammatory, media personality promoting the overthrow of ideas, and administrations, who express ideals contrary to his own.

    He is willing to sacrifice our great country to satisfy his ego, as he attacks ideas and administrations contrary to his mantra.

    His recent angry tantrums, emotionally promote hatred, and violence as the solution to the ills thrust upon us by the very same "solutions" he promotes.

    He demonizes any and all efforts suggested or promoted by ANYONE who has a point of view or solution opposite of his.

    Comments On Rush Linbaugh,  by Bob Cesca.
    Bob Cesca: "Rush Linbough 'World's Greatest Satirist'",
    Bob Cesca: "That bulbous forehead could be a sophisticated silicon appliance. Throw in multiple divorces and drug addiction while preaching moral values and the satire rises to the surface".
    Comment From Mabel of Mabel's Picks:
             Bob, I hate to dissagree with you, it is not Satire, it is
             "pandering to the taste of the Fox viewing public",
              nothing more and nothing less."

    But wait!  ...  There is someone on the horizon getting ready to challenge RL to his throne ... ".@.#.@.#.@"
    Now who could that be? Just listen... Yup, I hear it now ... "Obama is trying to pull a fast one by using the swine flu as a distraction to rush Kathleen Sebelius' confirmation as Health and Human Services Secretary" Click here if you dont believe me

    As long as, the 'masses' continue to prefer entertainment to information, FOX will continue to display the lowest denominator in information. Instead of real news and undistorted facts, Fox will continue to appeal primarily to the prurient interest of the viewer, specializing in spin, sensationalism and violence.

    This destructive, decaying force will continue to pollute every fiber of our society. We will continue to experience the threat of domestic terrorism, violence in the schools, and on the streets. The flood of violent rhetoric validates violent emotions and identity of perverted crazies. Such effusion of inflammatory comments, justifies the attitudes, and legitimizes the behaviors of the perverted crazies.

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