My Peace Plan

Stop The Hate - Communicate!

To those who have made inquiries about my Poems and Peace Plan:
          My poems are at the end of this letter.

My outline for Peace:

Operation Sons of Abraham, Or the more politically corrrect:
"Operation Children of Abraham"

First, we need to:

  • analyze where we are,
  • how we got here and
  • define our expectations for "peace"

Second, let's acknowledge basic reasons for animosity between the three Abrahamic Faiths: Primary reason is Ignorance and lack of dialogue

  • ignorance promotes apprehension and fear    
  • apprehension and fear promotes distrust    
  • distrust  promotes hatred and jealousy    
  • hatred promotes unrest and violence    
  • unrest and violence creates wars.    
  • War creates hatred.    
  • hatred promotes unrest and violence    
  • unrest and violence creates wars.    
  • War creates hatred.    
  • hatred promotes unrest and violence    
  • unrest and violence creates wars.

    Note: Contributing to ignorance is the *rewriting of history by Islamic institutions. Additional factors may be enumerated while addressing solutions.  

    The cycle of hatred - violence - war - hatred - violence - war ... is impossible to break.

    My proposal: "Operation Children Of Abraham", is to

  • Identify, define and promote the awareness of the commonality among the followers of the worlds great religions, and to increase dialogue
  • Find common ground,
  •  Implement civil dialogue, Don't criticize or talk negative about a  belief  system,
                no matter how absurd or untrue a person's beliefs appear to be to you,
                People will learn from people communicating and setting an example..  
                When perceived "facts are truly lies" the people believing the "lies" are not to blame.
                Persons who have been "lied to" are best taught by example and information exchange, not by legislation or lecture.

    Don't dictate, or legislate, educate!
    Focus only on truths, (not imagined or *fabricated truths), and talks of peace.
    *At some point the Fabricated Truths may be addressed, but if the dialogue is sincere and consistent, they may become self evident.

    The first step to break the hate / war cycle is essentially to open the channels of

    Ruling by force is a primitive, impulse, a knee jerk reaction.

    We are civilized now.   We choose diplomacy over violence and war.
    Civilized societies enter into open dialog to foster understanding and compassion.
    We now have an option of ruling by understanding and compassion.

    Admittedly, this takes more time, effort and patience, than rule by force and intimidation.
    It is far easier to DICTATE than to search for "Peaceful" solutions to social, economic and political situations.

    Rule by force, creates ill will. (hatred)
    Hatred creates discontent, unrest, civil disobedience (war) which, in turn, creates a vicious cycle:
    Hatred=War=Hatred=War=Hatred=War... (to infinity)

    wherever there is hatred, there is war,
    wherever there is war there is hatred.

    Peace is not a part of the war/hatred equation.
    Peace is NOT an absence of War.
    Peace can not be obtained by the Hatred-War infinite cycle

    Peace can only be realized as the result of
    knowledge,  understanding and  compassion.

    It is far easier to DICTATE than to search for "Peaceful" solutions to social, economic and political situations.

    it is difficult to break the cycle when hatred and chaos is cultivated by the forces of evil to
      justify their own causes,
      divide/separate opposition

    Even in a so called "Democratic Society",
    It is far easier to create legislation in secret than to
    undergo lengthy discussion and compromise.

    We have to get back to asking: "What is the RIGHT thing to do for HUMANITY?"
    Whether it be :
    •      conserving our natural resources
    •      pressing for Clean air, Clean Water and Clean Environment
    •      improving communication with our enemies.

    You can not LEGISLATE Humanity.
    You MUST create an ATMOSPHERE  OF HUMANITY, by trying to understand, learn, etc.

    I am a "SSSSS" A Sexy Senior Sitizen(sic) over Seventy with a background in Science, Math, Computer Science and Nutrition, but dont hold that against me.

    I have strategies which include plans for peaceful solutions to the conflicts in the East and the West:
    Border crossing situations with Mexico and the issues in the Middle East.

    Why is everyone blind to Peace and the pursuit of Peace?
    Is it because they are:
  • Too LAZY to do what is needed to truly pursue Peace?  
    It is easier to cultivate ignorance of the political base,
    guided by sensationalism, conditioned only to force and retaliation.

  • Or are they controlled by the demons of war.

  • We need to
    appeal to all religious faiths to come together by entering into civil dialogue.
    To realize that the philosophy of the forces of evil is the classic strategy known as "divide and conquer."

    My strategy has not been articulated by anyone, that I know of:

    My strategy, "Operation children of Abraham" is to  bring the fundamental Abrahamic, Christians, Jews and Muslims together appealing to their commonality, children of Abraham. As children of Abraham, they have an obligation to set an example for the world:
    love, peace

    We CAN bring about peace with
    knowledge and
    But NOT BY WAR.


    Turn Hatred into Compassion, it is the only way to survive.
    Hatred kills, not the hated but the hater.

    We need to strive for a Peaceful world both in the East and in the West.
    By entering into dialogue with Mexico, we can bring about a solution beneficial to the citizens of all parties.

    Respect your neighbors.  Shutting our neighbors out is:
    anti social and detrimental to long term social and political dynamics
    AND detrimental to our own best interests.

    I look forward to hearing from you with your views on this matter.


    Mabel E Kopp,
    Peace Alliance Representative
    Ohio District 14
    440 940 6756
    440 241 0112 VZN Cell

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    The Peace Alliance
    The Peace Alliance

    "I Stand For Peace Statistics only matter when we become one."

    Enjoy, The following - 


    By Mabel E Crawford (Kopp)

    If all who say: "I want peace!"
    Were to seek a gentle mind,
    they would find, that gentleness leads to love,
    and Love is the Key to Peace.

    If all who say: "I want peace!"
    were to try to understand,
    they would find, that understanding leads to love
    and Love is the Key to Peace.

    If all who say: "I want peace!"
    meant it sincerely,
    they would have said it out of love,
    and all would be Peace.

    By Mabel E Kopp

    Where are the waters that fill the well?
    For if any are removed,
    more takes their place.

    Where are the hatreds that fill the wars?
    For if any are removed,
    more takes their place.

    Where are the Wars that fill the world?
    for if any are ended,
    more takes their place.

    Love for peace,  this is the light
    why are their eyes blind to the light?

    Logos - Light - Time - Light - Time - Light
    In the beginning ...
    by Mabel E Kopp

    Before time, there was light
         and light was supreme
    The light became the universe
          There is time....

    And, although the light was made manifest
           Time is supreme

    In time, the universe became light....
            Light is supreme for ever
    For Time Is No More!

    Remember Einstein's definition of stupidity...

    "... keep on doing the same thing you have been doing ...  expect a different outcome"
    If you keep on doing what you have been doing...  you will keep on getting what you have been getting.


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