[Ah!Bras! - Mabel Presents - aver 300 Sizes Custom Fitted Bras by Cameo, 
Figurette, Jeunique, Sculptress, &PennyRich, specializing in 
larger sizes, more sizes and smaller sizes]

If you include $5.00 (for handling) with your Snail Mail request,
you will also receive the
  Brochures,  Registration information and Marketing Program.

Registration fees, Profit Program, and products have a
different pricing system in Canada than in the USA.

In Canada

Send your "Preferred Customer" request along with
your check or MoneyOrder for $5.00 made payable to:

The Healthy Bra Company
Maria Monti, Authorized Distributor
Executive Director

Professional Postural Therapist
Bra Fitting Technician
Professional Wellness Speaker
810-488-1706 US Cell
519-466-1908 Canada Cell
519-332-3640  Canada


E-Mail healthybras@aol.com or maria@thehealthybracompany.com

E-Mail: Maria

Call Today to Schedule your Show
or for an Interview

In the USA

Send your "Preferred Customer" request along with
your check or MoneyOrder for $5.00 made payable to:

International Executive Director
Jeunique International

Certified Prosthesis Fitter
Certified Bra Fitter

8260 Stoneybrook Drive
Chagrin Falls OH 44023

Voice: 440-241-0112  

Contact: Mabel E. Kopp
Email:  ahbras@yahoo.com
Custom Fitted Bra Information

For a Color Catalog Or an opportunity package
send $5.00 ftowards Handling with your request.
The $5.00 will be credited to your first order.

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