Finelle Skincare Hydrophilic Product Line 

emphasizes adding and maintaining moisture in the skin as it promotes individualized skincare for Normal-To-Dry and Normal-To-Oily skin.

RejeuvaMetics Skincare

features Natural, Organic ingredients, Natural Humectants to Draw Moisture from the environment to the balance of the Skin and Vitamins and Micro and Macro Minerals that spark creation of new cells. 
The RejeuvaMetics and Finelle Skincare products
  • Cruelty Free - Products Never tested on animals 
  • Dermatologist approved 
  • Subject to strict quality control 
  • Water based, contain sunscreen 
  • Formulated with "State Of The Art" ingredients 
  • Contain Non-Comedogenic Ingredients that will not block pores.
  • Skin Care Price List and Description of Products

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    We believe in cruelty free products.  We do not test our ingredients or finished products on animals, nor do we send them out for animal test.

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