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Cellular Nutrition For Optimal Health

Cookbooks, Food & Wine



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Watkins Spices
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INTERESTING, UNUSUAL STUFF! This page has an Eclectic Collection of Stuff!

Warning! Are your schools supporting child obesity and Adult-Onset Diabetes in Your Children?

Enter The Freudian Slip

Enter The Freudian Slip: Music Therapy - The Power of Music

Examines the power of using popular music, something people already listen to, in therapy. Includes examples of therapeutic messages in popular music as well as original music by Freudian Slip, therapeutic rock band.

This site is your source for information on how to help children and adolescents use popular music, something they already listen to and enjoy, as a way to express their feelings.

Matthew J. Bush, MSW, LSW, licensed therapist, has developed some very exciting and innovative techniques for use in therapy with children and adolescents.  One does not need to be knowledgeable of music therapy to apply these techniques.  On this site you will find articles about how popular music can be used in therapy, suggestions of popular music with therapeutic messages, and information about Matt's recent publication, Utilizing Music as a Coping Skill: Featuring the Music of Freudian Slip which was recently featured in an issue of Counseling Today!

Also featured on this site is Freudian Slip, Matt's therapeutic rock band which features original music which takes a direct look at human emotion.  The songs focus on topics such as depression, abuse, addiction, and so forth.  These songs have been composed by Matt throughout his years as a therapist and represent struggles in his own life as well as those of his clients.  Includes songs written by children in therapy!

Matthew J. Bush, MSW, LSW is an experienced clinical and state licensed therapist who has successfully applied this music therapy technique to countless children and adolescents in his work.  He has worked and performed for children in public and private schools, residential treatment facilities, and the community.  Matt has also spoken at statewide conferences, educating colleagues on the power of music as a coping skill.


The Cloud Appreciation Society

The Morning Glory Cloud

The Cloud Appreciation Society first book:  The Cloudspotter’s Guide
The Cloud Appreciation Society gift book:   A Pig with Six Legs
(the UK name)

Lenticular Clouds over Hawaii


Nora's Candy Shop
Creators of World Famous Turkey Joints!

Turkey Joints are a unique, delicious, seasonal candy created in Rome, New York.
Available in four varieties, this original confection is shipped only from October through May to insure the fine outer shell remains as fresh as possible.
Enjoy our Original variety, a blend of chocolate and brazil nuts covered with a sweet silvery coating or try our Chocolate Coated original, or Coconut Almond varieties.

Reference and Research

SCIENCE  & Mathematics - Astronomy, Geology, Weather etc.
Watch Your Weather with Weather Underground


     The Cloud Appreciation Society

Kennedy Space Center -  

Nasa Home Page - sa_homepage.html

Intelligence Resource -

Windows to the Universe
Universe-space science -

National ScienceFoundation 

picture of the day

Hale-Bopp The Comet

Research it -

UFO Black Vault -

Ask a NASA scientist - http://imagine

Weather Underground

Audubon, Raptors and Eagles

Photographer/ naturalist Rusty Johnson

Mr. Johnson is state and federally licensed for falconry,
as well as for the breeding and raising of protected and
endangered species, including peregrine falcons and condors.
He has also assisted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service in
capturing bald eagles for vital research

The Twilight of the Wild by Rusty Johnson
Foreword written by Jim Fowler of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

The Eagle Page from Rocky Mountain High

Raptor Rehabilitation

Washington Crossing Audubon Society

Furnace Woods Elementary School
Special Assembly with Rusty Johnson

New Jersey State Museum

Net Basics
Learning the Net -
Internet Terms -
Browsing the Web http://www.members.i
Internet Reference -
Internet Service - tive/isps/

Mabel would like to extend her
~Thanks to Orbiter875, via Judy1047~

Discovery Store Roboreptile

NPR Science Friday Kids Connection
Science Friday Kids Connection is a project sponsored by National Public Radio Outreach and KIDSNET.

Science Talk
An open forum with other students, parents, and teachers from schools across the country.

BEST Severe Weather  Warnings on the Internet!  

Weather -
Satelite Pictures of U.S. -

Weather Images From The Storm Prediction Center -  including the The May 27, 1997 Jarrell Tornado!  

Antarctic weather reports

Latest Earthquakes!

MORE about Earthquakes!

Volcanos of the world.

Cornell Theory Center

Math and Science Gateway  
The Internet can be a great teaching tool, and Cornell University wants to help young people benefit from the Net's educational potential. To this end, its Math and Science Gateway offers links to excellent educational sites for high school students. 


Free On-Line Health Assessment

#1 Choice
For Healthy Whole Food Meals!

Salt Lake Tribune


Websters Dictionary -

Atlas of the World - tlas

Better Business Bureau -

Internal Revenue Service -

The Library of Congress - mepage/ichp.html

UFOs and other strange info -

Info on Year 2000 -

Microsoft Y2000 - /technit/topics/year2k

Britannica Online -

Britannica Internet Guide -

CIA World Fact Book - http://www.odc

National Geographic -

Research Museums -

Information Please -

FREE!!!! STUFF!!!!

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Nearly free software -

Freebies and Auctions
Games,samples, Demos -
All kinds of free stuff -
Game Demos -
Auctions -
Webstakes -
Games -

Searching For Information
Search Engines
Search All In One - Search All In One
Altivista -
Excite -
Ask Jeeves - Ask Jeeves!
Hotbot -
Infoseek -
Lycos -
Opentext -
Webcrawler -
Yahoo -  The Mother Of All Search Engines

Curiously Interesting web pages


                                  of Computer Science, The University of


  • Vegetarianism is more than simply not eating meat. It is a lifestyle
  • Computer gamers come out of the closet.

The Center For Advanced Dentistry  
We invite you to The Center for Advanced Dentistry, where holistic health and aesthetic dentistry come together.

Colleges - Preparation
SAT, Gre, Tests -
Applying, Schools,+College Board online -
Comparing Schools -
Colleges - Search Directory
College Search Directory - Free online information on thousands of colleges, universities, and trade schools

Job Hunting

   Create a FREE Desk Top For your Job Hunt

   Net-Temps A world of Jobs neatly Packaged

   Create a FREE Desk Top For your Job Hunt
Government -

Jobs anywhere - ml
Job Hunting -
Research Employers -

Genealogy ubgenealogy/www/
http://www.connect-time .com/jan1998/Cover0.html
National Gen Site -

Medical Information Columbia Education - exclusive -
Philips Heart Start Home Defibrillator $1495 (save $500)!

BH&G Cold and Flu Guide -

Family Medicine -


Signup to subscribe

Medical search -
Drug Index -

Senior Sites
Elderly health care -
Medicare -
Healthy Living, Love and Finances -
Computer training -

Cool Web Sites

World's Biggest Toybox
Gaze at the future -
For News Junkies - The Best: CNET for News or Shopping

Jokes Trash Jokes and other crazy stuff -
Political Humor -
E Mail Jokes -

Live Police scanner and Fire reports

Financial STUFF!!!
Stocks and Mutual funds Investing
Co-Op America -
Highest CD rates -
EE Bonds -
U.S. Treas. Securities -
Stock Market news -
Quicken Stock Search -

"Little India" comments
Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives failed
in its constitutional oversight responsibilities.

Nifty Ideas on anything -
Quirky smart site -
Radio on your PC -
Amusing Stock Ideas -
Decide what to do -

Most Scientifically
   and Medically Advanced MEDICAL FACILITY

    DISCOVER True Health at Sanoviv -
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I urge you to visit Sanoviv, whether you are in good health and would like to stay vibrant and healthy or are suffering from an illness such as: * Heart Disease * Cancer * Lymphoma * Colon Cancer * Breast Cancer * Prostate Cancer (learn about treating cancer at Sanoviv) * Diabetes * Stroke * Osteoporosis * Arthritis * Alzheimers * Parkinson's Disease * Multiple Sclerosis * Obesity * Fibromyalgia

Columbia Education - ts/guide
Mayo Health -
American Medical -
Kiplinger -
Pub Med -

Incredibly useful sites

The World's Novelty Super Store Oriental Trading Co
All the Best sites of 1998 -
How to do anything -
Useful site of the day -
Household hints -
Helpful household hints -
Better Homes and Gardens -
Homesick Gourmet - http:/
Martha Stewart -
Ticketmaster Online -
Betty Crocker Recipe's -
Birder Home Page -
Auction Web site -

Antiques, collectibles, and other goodies

Put paragraphs in Jive -
Gifts -
Do It Yourself -
Home Improvement -
Restaurant Surveys -

City Guide Networks - metros
Go Network -
New stuff, dirt cheap -
Avoid Food Poisoning -

Y2K for home PC -
Y2K for home PC -
Yankee magazine -
Consumers Digest -
Park Locator by LL Bean -

News Organizations

CNet News

CNET for News or Shopping

The BBC - The British Broadcasting Corporation

PBS - Public Telivision

NPR - National Public Radio

Internet Wire - A press release distribution company that caters to just about every news agency you can think of, including High Technology news such as e-Commerce News, Business news, Financial news, and up to the minute Gaming news. If it has happened, you will hear about it here first!
For up to the minute Technical Announcements, Make Internet Wire, your first viewing of the day, every day!

Discovery News Online -


Storybooks - Web sites for Kids
Aesop's Fables online - http://www.pacificnet/~john/aesop
Go on a Dolphin Watch -

The White House -

http://www.whitehouse. gov/WH/kids/html/home.html

Dinosaur Society -

Origami -

Kids Hangout -

Awesome Kids Place:

Playhouse Disney

Automobiles Pricing
Edmunds -
Carsmart -
Autovantage - /auto/home
Carpoint -
Kelly Blue Book -
Auto-by-tel -

Maps and Driving
Best Scenic Drives -
Speedtraps -
Wacky side trips -
Best Greasy Spoon - http://www.astro.princeton.ed u/~goldberg/
Disney's Animal Park -

People locator -
Yellow pages Information Bigfoot Directory -
Bigfoot Advanced - m/run?FN=BFD_SEARCH_ADVANCED
Hotmail -
The Informant -
Net@ddress -
Look up a Person -
Finding People on the Net - e.html
People Search -
Classmates throughout the country
(By registering you can look up others who have registered in any school in the country. By subscribing, you can get information on same people. Great info on old friends.)

Cards of all Types

New England, New Hampshire

Flights Airline Travel
Have to register -
Flights and trip savings -

                                                          - family
                                                          landing page
Get Away for Less 
This Weekend with Hotwire!

Ticket Auction -
Checks before leaving -

Find Airfares at QIXO

Ortho plant encyclopedia -
At The Garden Gate - http://www.prairinet.or g/ag/garden/homepage.htm
Virtual Garden -
Earl the yard-care answer Guy -
The armchair gardener -
Gardenweb -

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