"Infectious and chronic diseases are dual enemies that have to be fought simultaneously on a global scale. The battle for health in the 21st century must begin today." -Dr. Myron Wentz

Your Health is Priceless... Don't Turn it Over
to the Lowest Bidder or Latest fad

By Myron Wentz, Ph.D.

Your daily diet must provide the essential nutrients for optimal health and proper cell function. However, research shows that because the foods we eat today are lacking many essential nutrients and most people simply don't eat right, we could be deficient in the nutrients needed to maintain good health.

But the concept of going to the store and pulling different supplements off the shelf–whatever seems to be the latest fad–is not the way to supply proper nutrition. Nutrition must be balanced.

Healthy Cells = Healthy Bodies

The first company I founded, Gull Laboratories, was successful in growing billions of cells for the purpose of diagnosing viral diseases. I developed the first commercially available test kit for the diagnosis of the Epstein-Barr virus. And now doctors and hospitals around the world use Gull products to accurately diagnose viral diseases.

Our ability to grow healthy and vibrant cells was the reason Gull set the "Gold Standard" for detecting viral diseases.

However, our diagnostic products did little to help people prevent disease. Realizing that nutrition plays a key role in cell health and disease prevention, I turned my attention to human nutrition. I founded USANA because it became increasingly apparent that the nutritional requirements of the human body were not being met in today's environment.

I knew that my knowledge and expertise in growing human cells could be used to design an advanced nutritional system that could help improve peoples' health and quality of life.

Why You Should Consider Nutritional Supplementation

Our bodies are constantly being assaulted by the damaging aspects of the environment, such as radiation, stress, and the toxic chemicals that pollute our air, water, and food. USANA nutritional products are designed to provide a complete and balanced spectrum of beneficial nutrients to help counteract poor nutrition and to prevent the damage caused by this environmental onslaught.

Give yourself the gift of nutrition–your cells will love you for it.

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