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Ah!Bras! Logo - Mabel Presents-250 Sizes of Bras - Custom Fitted Bras by Brantly/Cameo
Ah!Bras! Mabel presents-252 Sizes of Bras

Some Colesce Distributors are trained in the fitting of the Custom Fitted Bras by Cameo & Figurette.

Colesce... "...A name with the sound of Caress and in the spirit of the word Coalesce, it was created to honor today's woman."

Colesce... "...the lingerie that helps all of her relationships coalesce."

J. Stanley Fredrick, Sr.
Founder, Colesce Couture,Inc

Please respect the fact that,
Most of The businesses listed on these pages are
"Home Based Businesses".
Some Colesce Consultants share their home with their parents or other relatives. 
When you call a Colesce Representative listed here... Please... Ask for the Colesce Consultant specifically by name.
Not all of the listed Colesce Consultants do Custom Bra Fittings. 
They can all supply you with the Bra Brochures, but may not be able to fit you for lack of a Bra Kit. Although it is possible to try on the "perfect" bra first, it is not unusual for it to be necessary to try on Four or five bras before achieving that "perfect fit".Most Colesce Consultants do Lingerie Parties, Fashion Shows, Fund Raisers and Private Showings. 
If you are a dedicated customer of this exceptional bra 
and are unable to find a Bra Fitter near you, You may wish to consider the opportunity to represent Colesce and Your Special Bra to your community. Contact Mabel Kopp or the closest Colesce Consultant to get you started in a very exciting and rewarding career.

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We believe in cruelty free products.  We do not test our ingredients or finished products on animals, nor do we send them out for animal test.

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