The Magic of Aloe Vera...
A Natural Source Product

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Cello-Gel®(US only)
Our original aloe vera drink contains natural source vitamins, minerals and
amino acids found in the aloe vera. Our unique stabilization process lets
us produce our aloe vera drinks so they're essentially the same in content and
activity as the fresh aloe vera gel from the plant. Use alone or mix with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice.

#3501 Cello-Gel®, 1-liter bottle $25.00
#3510 Cello-Gel®, (case of 4) $XX.00

The natural flavor of Cello Gel has been enhanced with the addition of peach-apricot flavoring to create a delicious drink. Also contains 140% of RDA of vitamin C. 

#3512 Cello-Gel® Peach-Apricot, 1-liter bottle $25.00
#3515 Cello-Gel® Peach-Apricot, (case of 4) $XX.00

Protector Products

Aloe Blast®(US only)
Aloe Vera Herbal-Oxygen Energy Drink
with Diatomic Oxygen.
Our Aloe Vera Herbal-Oxygen drink is a remarkable combination of aloe vera, herbs, minerals, and vitamins which create a delicious drink that is beneficial to your well being. The addition of pure diatomic oxygen to the
cranapple herbal drink creates an "oxygen building" synergistic action. The oxygen contributes to the assimilation of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, boosts energy levels and aids in detoxifying the blood. Addition of valuable adaptogenic herbs helps stimulate metabolism.

#3530 Aloe-Blast®,  (1 set  )  32 fl. oz.           $42.00
#3535 Aloe-BlastV,  (2 Sets)  64 fl oz.            $XX.00


Children's Chewable Vitamin Formula(US only)
Delicious multi-colored, animal shaped chewable Tablets that provide a well-balanced 100% to 150% of all the recommended multi-vitamins in only one Tablet per day. It is often very difficult to get children to eat Vitamins regularly, and
the fact that our formula has all in one delicious little animal shaped tablet makes it much easier.

 #3500 Children's Chewable Vitamin Formula, 90 Tabs $17.00

Omega-3 EPA Oil Concentrate
Medical evidence supports the health benefits of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and Omega-3 essential fatty acid found primarily in the oil of cold-water fish such as salmon, herring, and tuna. The body cannot manufacture this important fatty acid. Fish Oil is the natural, intelligent choice when it comes to getting your Omega-3. With other essential fatty acid supplements, your body must convert Omega-3 into a substance your body can use, called EPA. But with fish oil there's no conversion necessary- it's already in the most absorable form possible. EPA works at cellular level to protect cells and create chemical messengers to strengthen your overall health.

#3100 Omega-3 EPA Oil Concentrate, 60 Soft Gels $17.00

Zinc/C/B6 Lozenges
Vitamin-fortified to aid Zinc function
Zinc is the "spark" that puts many other vital nutrients to work. However, perspiration, colds and stress use up zinc rapidly. Our tasty, melt in your mouth lozenge puts 125 mg. of elemental Zinc and 60 mg of vitamin C, plus 5 mg of B6
where it's needed fast. It's the perfect way to get your zinc.

#3110 Xinc/C/B6 Lozenges, 100 Chewables $12.00

With Proanthocyanidins
Beta Carotene, Vitamins C, E, Selenium and Zinc and other important Protection nutrients:  Calcium, Phosphorus, Pycnogenol,  Grape Seed 
Extract, Lemon Bioflavonoids,  Grapefruit Bioflavonoids, Wheat Germ  A perfect way to get your Protection

#3277 Anti-Oxidants w/Proanthocyanidins, 60 Tablets $39.00

From Nature's Bounty To You...

More Protector Products
Vitamin E 400(US)or Vitamin E 100(Canada)
Unless you want to drink two quarts of corn oil or eat a pound of sunflower seeds everyday, the only way to get enough Vitamin E is with supplements. A study at Toronto General Hospital found that rabbits injected with Vitamin E within two hours of a heart attack showed 78% less damage to heart tissue than normal. The vitamin also speeds recovery in bypass patients.

#3130 Vitamin E 400, 60 Tabs $36.00

Niacin/Inositol-No-Flush-400mg(US only)
Niacin is a powerful B-Vitamin that has been clinically proven to help control healthy
cholesterol levels. It is recommended by the national Cholesterol Education Program for it's efficiency. Research has shown that Niacin helps decrease the LDL(bad cholesterol) levels in your body. Jeunique's No Flush is a safe form of Niacin from Inositol Hexanicotinate that has been used extensively in Europe for many years.

#3114 Niacin/Inositol - No flush, 400 mg., 90 Caps $27.00

Folic Acid-400mg(US only)
Folic Acid a member of the B-Vitamin family, is essential for your health. It plays a key role in the growth and function of your cells, as well
as the maintenance and regulation of RNA and DNA. It's name is derived from the latin word foliuma (leaf) because it was first extracted from spinach leaves in 1941. It has been used for a treatment of anemia and is particularly recommended for pregnant woman and all woman of child-bearing age.

 #3107 Folic Acid 400 mcg., 100 Tabs $12.00

Vita-C Chews(US only)
Vita-C Chews are chewable or they may be dissolved slowly in your mouth while you enjoy their tangy lemon/orange flavor. They are easily carried and
can be eaten at any time. Vita-C Chews also contain Rutin, Bioflavin and Hesperidin Complex with Rose Hips, Acerola and Egg Shell Powder for a natural Calcium  Magnesium source.

#3230 Vita-C Chews, 150 Wafers $18.50

Protector Pack(US only)
Save Money with Jeunique Nutritional Packs
Vita C Chews                     150 Wafers
Anti-Oxidants                     60 Tabs
Echinacea           90 Caps

#3306 Echinacea90 Caps $15.00 

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