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Fruits and Vegetables
The national Research Council recommends that you eat five to seven servings of vegetables everyday plus a variety of fruits. Only approximately 9% of the US population does this. This means 91%  are not eating enough vegetables everyday. In today's active lifestyles, "fast food" habits do not lend themselves to the properly planned, well- rounded sit down meals that could provide plenty of vegetables. This exclusive formula from Jeunique provides 15 sources of concentrated vegetables- plus Aloe Vera, Alfalfa, Parsley, 5 Deep Sea Plants, (Kelp Dulse, Irish Moss, Agar and Sea Wrack) and 6 delicious fruit extracts - all in one tablet.

 #3220 Fruits and Vegetables,     90 Tabs $31.00 USD

Experience nature's green wonder--cholorophyll, the lifeblood of plants. A synergistic combination of chlorophyll, aloe vera, Vitamin C phosphorus, and potasium, Chloro-Life is a peppermint-flavored nutritional drink which aids in the digestive and metabolic process. Helps "sweeten" the stomach and contributes to the natural deodorizing of the body. Mix with cold water or serve hot as a tasty nutritious mint tea

 #3270 Chloro-Life,  6oz  $20.00 USD

As we grow older, our bodies become less efficient and we gradually absorb less and less of the essential nutrients in our foods. It is said that our rate of assimilation could be as low as 40% by the time we pass the age of 40. Unless you are one of the 9% of people who eat 5 to 7 servings of vegetables and fruits everyday, your body could easily be lacking the enzymes that you need for proper digestion and assimilation.
Enzyme-Aid provides enzymes to assist you in digesting carbohydrates, starches,proteins, dietary fat, and cellulose. The tablets are mint flavored, sweetened with Fructose and can be chewed or swallowed. Now you can get the most out of your diet and your nutritional supplements.

 #3150 Enzym-Aid, 160 Tabs $16.00 USD


Lysidophilus(US only)
A synergistic combination of the amino acid L-lysine and lactobacillus acidophillus bacteria. Lysidophilus puts "friendly bacteria" back into your system to help fight intestinal problems. It's also an excellent supplement to counteract the destruction of friendly bacteria brought about by continous use of medications.

 #3260 Lysidophilus, 90 caps $16.00 USD

Cleansing Herbs(US only)
Most people often fail to eat enough fiber on a daily basis. This, added to their lack of sufficient vegetables and fruits many times will create problems
of elimination. Fiber is important to help the body excrete toxins and food wastes naturally-Cleansing Herbs (12 of them) can help prevent problems of elimination naturally without chemicals or drugs. Gentle and safe.

 #3140 Cleansing Herbs,   45 Tabs $21.00  USD


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We believe in cruelty free products.  We do not test our ingredients or finished products on animals, nor do we send them out for animal test.

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