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 Safe and Effective Weight Control is...

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Dependent upon Good Nutrition
A Natural Source Product

Each two-week supply comes with wafers and chews: Also included in this easy diet program are tasty orange - flavoured wafers for your Food Days.
Jeunique The One Day Diet®
Recognizing that achieving your weight
goal is often not an easy task because
of the many restrictions on your food
choices, Jeunique has developed a
revolutionary concept in dieting - 
one that allows you to eat sensible,
"normal" meals one day and then diet
the next with delicious, nutritious
wafers and fruit.
Since Jeunique The One day Diet is a
weight program that works with you - 
not against you - you can acheive
your ideal weight and still enjoy
yourself by dining out, celebrating
occasions and socializing.
Crystal Chews

Maintain your desired Weight Naturally with...

Maintenance Plusformula
Maintenance Plus
M.B.A. Adapto-Genic
Formulas No. 1 and No. 2
The answer to a more energetic, lean healthy body is to find a method of working with your body's own metabolic process so you can manage your weight and health.

Maintenance Plus is composed of 41 vitamins, minerals, herbs and  plants scientifically formulated to work together to create a synergistic, Adapto-Genic, thermogenic action in your body.

Taken together Formulas No.1 and No.2 help your metabolism operate more efficiently, burning calories faster so you lose weight and unwanted inches. This revolutionary product helps control your appetite, boost your energy, increase your stamina, improve blood circulation and strengthen your immune system. 

Safe for those with Diabetes, Lactose Intolerance,  Hypoglycemia.

#3285  Maintenance Plus #1 & #2, 2 Bottles  $46.00

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We believe in cruelty free products.  We do not test our ingredients or finished products on animals, nor do we send them out for animal test.

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