Preventive Measures to Improve the Health of your
Prostrate and your Body...
A Natural Source Product

Prostrate Care™

Prostrate Care™
Men generally do not like to talk about their health and they usually ignore the common signs of health problems. However, more and more discussion is occuring in the news programs, magazine articles, newspapers, and on TV about the most rapidly growing men's health problem-prostrate gland disorder. The prostrate gland is about the size of a chestnut, it lies below the bladder and surrounds the urethra.

#3105 Prostrate Care™ (90 Tabs)  $30.00

The prostrate gland is a secreting gland whose function is controlled by the male hormone (testosterone) and, in part, by the female hormone (estrogen).

Starting about the age of 40, there is a decrease in testosterone and a shift in the overall hormonal balance. A build-up of HGT (di-hydro-testosterone) occurs and causes the prostrate to enlarge. This enlargement causes a narrowing of the urethra (the canal where urine is excreted) and creates urinary problem - frequent urination - especially at night, difficult and scanty urinations, sometimes incontinence, and sexual dysfunction.

The National Cancer Institute reports, "DHT" plays a key role in benign prostrate enlargement and is also believed to be involved in the development of prostrate cancer.

Studies have shown that 50-60% of all men ages of 40-65 will develop prostrate problems. Early warning signs are no reason to panic or be embarrassed. Instead, they provide the opportunity to get more information and take preventive measures to improve the health of your body.

#3105 Prostrate Care™ (90 Tabs)  $30.00

A Synergistic Formula to Promote Feelings of Confidence for
Both Men and Women...

Yo-N-A-G-R-A Plus™
  • Yo - Yohimbe (Pausinystalia yohimbe) 
  • N - Niacin/Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 
  • A - Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) 
  • G - Ginsing/Ginko Biloba 
  • R - RNA (Ribo Nucleic Acid) 
  • A - Avena Sativa (Wild Green Oats)
  • There is a great deal of talk about sexual health today by both men and women. The state of your sexual health can have a tremendous effect on your mental outlook, your feelings of confidence and satisfaction with life. 

    #3106 Yo-N-A-G-R-A Plus(90 Tabs)  $30.00 

    Sexual health or lack of it can be the result of poor nutrition, exercise, stress and attitude. Strong circulation, vital energy and stamina are all essential to sexual health.

    Sexual problems for both, men and women, are widespread and can be a source of intense suffering and anxiety. For those who have experienced frigidity, impotence and other difficulties, sex has become a source of anger, resentment and frustration. Fulfillment depends on more than emotional factors, even though emotion is important. For sexual balance, things have to be correct biochemically. This is where vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids and enzymes can be helpful. By strengthening the metabolic pathways, it is possible to help cure frigidity, banish impotence and even stimulate fertility.

    Overall optimum health and energy is very important to make rewarding sexual activity work for you. Our bodies are so finely balanced that it is easy to disrupt our metabolic balance, and then the body's functions begin to decline. As our sexual performance begins to decline, we begin to feel anxiety and a
    lack of sexual interest. Men and women of all ages are subject to these feelings and reactions. It is not only a result of increasing age or the menopausal period.

    Yo-N-A-G-R-A Plusis a blend of fourteen (14) essential ingrediants that create a synergistic formula to provide normal sexual functions.

    #3106 Yo-N-A-G-R-A Plus(90 Tabs)  $30.00

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