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Everywhere you look, people are increasingly focused on their health and well-being. Physical fitness, proper eating habits, weight management and the search for stress reduction are prime pursuits. 

Scientific studies are shedding more light and attention on the correlation between good nutrition and the well-being of our minds and bodies. More and more scientists are starting to suspect that traditional medical views of vitamins and minerals have been too limited.

Jeunique has long been
a leader in the field of
nutrition and weight
Jeunique's products
meet the demands of
today's growing trend 
toward personal

"Some 58 million
people in the
U.S. weight at least
20% more than
ideal body weight"
-Journal of the American
Medical Association

"Each year an estimated
80 million
Americans go on a diet
95% gain it back
within five years"
-Time magazine


People all over the world are forever
watching there weight. Hundreds of
different diets are started and then
abandoned when people lose interest
from lack of results, or when the
parameters are just too limited.
Adding to this frustration is the fact that 
all too often people will finally
lose the weight only to gain it back
plus more. 
Jeunique has analyzed this paradox and
offers an easy and sensible solution to
both weight loss and weight maintenance.

Jeunique The One Day Diet lets you
savor life while you take off the weight
sensibly and safely. It is formulated to
supply 100% of your minimum RDA.
It's a diet that allows you to eat sensibly 
every other day so it makes easier
to stay committed to your
weight loss goal.

It all began with a philosophy...
"To Help People Help Other People"
Jeunique International is committed
to your good health.
Nutritional Supplements/Nutriceuticals
The world of nutritional supplements and health science is changing everyday. As a leader in nutritional innovation
for more than 40 years, we are proud to offer you our line of nutriceuticals: a new standard of quality for nutritional supplements.

In 1992, Mr Nobbs (founder of Jeunique) was honored by the California State University for his contribution to the field of nutition. Honorees and recipients of the "Good Food, Good Living, Good Communication" award were selected for their excellence in helping others to acheive "better living".

Nutriceuticals are naturally occuring nutrients that offer specific health benefits. There is substantial scientific
evidence and research which support their effectiveness.

Nutriceuticals work by enhancing your own biological systems to promote normal good health. In other words, nutriceuticals help restore health where the problem starts, deep in your biological systems.

Our Promise to You -
Jeunique's commitment is to constantly upgrade its formulas and introduce new, extraordinary discoveries and products, which address health challenges, always incorporating the most advanced scientific research and technology, and to provide for the inspiration and effective transfer of knowledge, through a network of like-hearted Associates.

We Guarantee Our Quality -
We supply the finest natural products, prepared in accordance with the highest standards of purity and
quality in the industry. We create and manufacture our own products so Quality and Safety are easier to control.
Every bottle is safety sealed to assure purity.

We Guarantee Your Statisfaction -
You must be completely satisfied with any Jeunique Nutitional
product, or return the unused portion for a full refund.

A Giant Leap Forward in... Nutritional Health Planning

Dietary Habits
Once you realize that every cell in every gland, organ,nerve, muscle, and tissue in your body was once food, you will be more aware of the fact that good nutition is good life insurance.

The lower forms of life are guided by instinct in their selection of the "right" foods - those which contain all
the essential nutrients. The food choices of people nowadays are not based on instinct. They are governed by many factors such as family background, habit, taste preferences, advertising gimmicks, economic situation, weight control, too many empty calorie snack foods, etc.

Many persons consume inadequate or faulty diets which can lead to poor
or borderline health.

Are you gambling in this way?

There is a simple, effective way of assuring an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals supplements. This can be
an extremely important dietary insurance program. It all boils down to this - you need vitamins and
minerals in adequate amounts either in the food you eat or as supplements to maintain good health and well

Everyone needs basic nutrition...

Everyone needs basic nutrition
"Basic Five" of Good Nutrition
          Basic 5 Nutrition Pack Special
Golden Supreme® An "all-in-one" multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement.
Calcium, Mag, and D3 Nature's natural tranquilizer 
Bio "C" Ensures replenishing of non-storable Vitamin C.
MAG-NI-SEL® Encourages good circulation, anti-aging system. 
Vitamin B An advanced B Complex-Formula

Start your Day with a boost of energy...

N-R-G PLUS® An herbal, potassium, mineral, vitamin supplement with a rich, natural cranberry/apple flavour,

For Healthier Living...

Protector Products
The Magic of Aloe Vera... 
Cello-Gel® Original Aloe Vera Drink
Cello-Gel® Peach/Apricot Natural Flavor of the original is enhanced with the addition of Peach-Apricot flavoring.
Aloe Blast®
Children's ChewableVitamin Formula(US only)
Omega-3 EPA Oil Concentrate
ANTI-OXIDANTS With Proanthocyanidins
Zinc/C/B6 Lozenges
Vitamin-fortified to aid Zinc function

From Nature's Bounty to You...

More Protector Products
Vitamin E 400(US)or Vitamin E 100(Canada)
Niacin/Inositol-No-Flush-400mg(US only)
Folic Acid-400mg(US only)
Vita-C Chews(US only)

You do not have to miss out on...

Nature's most important nutrients
Fruits and Vegetables
Chloro-Life™ Experience nature's green wonder--cholorophyll,
Lysidophilus™(US only)
Cleansing Herbs(US only)

Natural Bee Pollen(US only)
Chelated ZincGluconated(US only)
Chelated Potassium Gluconate(US only)
Melatonin Sub-lingual(US only)
Chromium Picolinate™(US only)

Safe and Effective Weight Control is...

Dependent on Good Nutrition
The One Day Diet®

Maintain your desired Weight Naturally with...

Maintenance Plus™formula

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with...

Jeunique Weight Control Accelerators
Ulimate Food™(US only) "A Meal in a Glass"
Healthi-Snax™(US only) "Snack Your Way to Being Thin"

Arthritis Care - The Natural Way

Arthrocare™ No. 1 
Arthrocare™Lotion(US only)

Women of All Ages Have Very Special Needs...

Feminine Care™

People of All Ages want to be Mentally Alert...

Mental Care™
The Difference between getting older and feeling older... the choice is up to you.

Preventive Measures to Improve the Health of your Prostrate and your Body...

Prostrate Care™

A Synergistic Formula to Promote Feelings of Confidence for Both Men and Women...

Yo-N-A-G-R-A Plus™

Relax and Enjoy... Added Support 

Deodorized Garlic Powder
St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) Plus 
Kava Kava (Piper methysticum)
Cranberry Juice caps

For Your Immune System... 

Protector Products Echinacea/Purpurea 
Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis) 
Cat's Claw Herbal/Una de Gato (Uncaria tomentosa) 
Valerian Root Extract (Valeriana officinalis) 


The One Day Diet

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